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Belle Isle

Wow, I have heard and read so much about Technorati! It was a rude awakening to try to claim my blog... and then even more disheartening to go to the support forum to ask a question about it and see how difficult it is for people to get help. This is the new and improved version? Convoluted navigation? Unclear directions, if not complete lack of directions in key places? Well, maybe people will be able to find my site on Technorati in 2011. I'm sorry to sound so harsh, but I'm pretty underwhelmed by the technical expertise of Technorati right now.

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Hi, i added my blog to technorati a few weeks ago and i have returned to find my blog had been crawled and found the claim token, and my claim is now waiting for review.

How do i review my claim? sorry but it's not that clear how to do this

Jen McLean

The review is on our side now. There's nothing you need to do except wait. It's going to take a while longer, since we're still working through the backlog of blog claims right now.

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ok, thanks for the info

you don't have any info on how i ping back my blog posts to technorati do you? i'm finding the concept difficult to grasp.

any help appreciatted

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It's real nice to hear something like that from Technorati. At least, there's hope now.
My Blog http://antivirustech.com was crawled on Nov 25 and the claim token was successfully found. The other day, in "Blog claiming taking forever" thread, your employee Phillip wrote that you were working on claims from Nov 24.
Could you please tell me the approximate time it might take you to complete the claim of my blog. I mean, how long might it take you to get from Nov 24 to Nov 25? Is it a few days, a week, a month...?
I would really appreciate your response on this.
Looking forward...


Can someone explain the verification process to me? I got my 'verification token' in an email and put it in the body of a blog post. Is that the correct procedure? There is no documentation around on what to do after you get the token.




My 2 blogs, http://xingfu.us and http://mianniu.com are still be processed since Dec 30 2009. When can they be reviewed?


is there an apology in there somewhere?

Sean R. Nicholson

When you say blog claiming is "fixed"...does that mean that blog claiming will take less than 6 weeks? My blog at http://www.intranetexperience.com is still waiting review from 11/25/09. Can you clarify what "fixed" means?


Jennifer McLean

It could take us as long as three weeks to move through the backlog of blog claims. After that, a blog claim will take no more than 24 hours to process.

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